"On Nation and Race" Cause and Effect Paper
Directions: We will write a 3-4 page paper that will closely analyze Hitler's famous work, "On Nation and Race". This critique is NOT a summary of his essay. Instead, I want you to analyze how or why this essay worked in fooling millions of highly intelligent people.
For tonight's assignment you have to create what will be called a skeleton outline. (Thesis and supports that are subject to change.)
1. Write an arguable thesis statement (worthy of three-five pages)
2. Identify your three points of evidence that you can use to support this thesis. Quotes will not suffice. You will need to explain how you plan to use your supports/research.
*If you can't come up with three reasons, rethink your orginal thesis statement. Maybe it just won't work for you. Come up with one you can really prove because if you can't, you don't really have a paper, do you?

Having trouble coming up with a challenging thesis statement?
Medium: Prove that Hitler uses one particular logical fallacy throughout his essay.
Medium: Prove how Hitler uses three different fallacies.
Challenging: Identify his strategy for using certain fallacies in certain places.
Impressive: Create your own thesis...a critical critique of this essay. Feel free to bring in historical references to prove your point or perhaps look at this topic from a totally different perspective.

*Any thesis topic that lacks risk, creativity, or true analysis will be denied. Avoid summary, pointing out the obvious, and consider reaching outside the essay to gather qualified research to support your otherwise uncredible voice.