Let's Open The Door

What You Need to Know

The most significant difference between the writing you will do this year when compared to your writing experiences in the past, will be the ownership of your thesis statements, and ultimately, your ideas. No longer will your English teacher provide you a response topic to shape your essay. Instead, you will design your arguments with respects to the subject we are studying. The only rules that you will have to follow will be to maintain the min/max parameters, include an outline for all papers, and of course, a rigidly self-edit the mechanics of your paper so that your paper will be accepted.


Many writers up to this point have written structured essays that answer a question and provide reasons for that question. While there is a need for essays following that predictable, fill in the blank reasoning, let's be honest. There is no creativity, no risk, and ultimately, no passion for easy-answer essays. This year, we are going to open doorways into a broader scope of writing topics and discussion. Write a one page paper about a question. Consider our class discussion topics today and refer to some of the different directions a paper like this can take. Remember, your job is NOT to answer the question, but to use your paper to create an interest in your audience so that they too will WANT to pursue this question with you.

Assignment Parameters

One Page Min/Max
Follow all writing Requirements
Worth: Twenty Points
Due: Next Class Meeting
*Remember that one page papers do not require a cover page. See Basic Writing Rules


When in doubt, or when you are searching for a way to break through your self-induced writer's block, go directly to Dr. Bloom's chart and pose some of the higher order thinking questions to yourself.
Bloom's Taxonomy Chart

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