Private Jessica Lynch Rescue
Pat Tillman

Comrade Olgivy is an imaginary character designed by Winston after the last 'hero' grew stale. Consider the advantage a government gains with a figure like Olgivy, especially in a time of war. Then, learn how this technique is not foreign to modern day efforts to boost nationalism. Both Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman became the focus of American media at a time when support for the war was at a low point. Their stories are heroic, courageous, and bring a tear to the eye of any red blooded American. The only problem is...their stories were made up.


1. Read the story: The Jessica Lynch Story the movie (we won't be able to watch this at school but this pretty much tells you everything): Jessica Lynch Story through five minute video

Why didn't the government choose this man as their poster hero? The Patrick Miller Story

2.Read the story: The Pat Tillman Story the movie. You will be interested to learn HIS opinion about the Jessica Lynch story: Pat Tillman's Story

Discussion Post:

Now that we have had practice with discussion post practice, we are now going to work on creating a nice thread of discussions. In class, I chose a seven people to start off our discussion posts. These people will start off the discussion and establish a strong opinion about what we just read. All the other classmates will respond to at least three of the seven posts. Follow the tips below:

Initiators (seven people I chose): Consider the accusations that these stories are making towards our government.You could discuss whether this is fair? Or...doesn't the government have a responsibility to keep American calm and optimistic in a time of war? Maybe you could bring something MORE for us to consider. Music clips, video clips, links to articles and any other audio/visual information is expected from my leaders.

Responders: Challenge these initial arguments. Can you contest them? Deflate them? Rally around and support them? Your post is not going to get any credit for boring, thoughtless summaries or comments like "I agree" without any explanation.

This discussion post is going to be great for our next class. I can't wait to see what you bring to our discussion.