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One of the most unfortunate literary comments that an 'educated' person could make is that George Orwell's Animal Farm is a book about 'a bunch of farm animals'. The novel, which is still banned in many countries including African and Middle East Nations, draws attention to the importance of recognizing corruption in a government BEFORE that government claims (what we would recognize as) an Orwellian state. Orwell focused his self proclaimed 'fairy tale' on Stalin's Russia and the 'bunch of animals' represent a great deal more, which we will find out with our group presentations. Each group is responsible for presenting the historical parallels of their chapter. The group will create a new 'page' for our wikispace and title the page by the chapter they will be teaching.
Answers to ALL your questions
What to include on our page?
-Chapter Summary 3-5 sentences. Stay efficient.
-Character Parallels: Who represents who with proof.
-The characters' actions also parallel to historical events.
-Look into speeches, what is being said, and why these words are significant. (Keep your eyes open for the contrast between words and actions, especially by the pigs.)
-Note significant changes, subtle changes, and patterns and mention anything you believe the class should pay attention to while reading.
-You will need three-four (depending on the number of members of your group) specific lines that have a more valuable meaning. Include the quote and the interpretation at the end of your presentation. *Include page numbers.

When do I meet with my group?
-You can meet with your group on your wikispace page whenever you want. Your group should designate a leader. (Leaders earn an extra two points.) Leaders should initiate the page, itemize who is researching specific information, and ultimately, organize the information before the presentation. Font should be larger than the font you are reading on my page...should look like this: (preferably 150%).
How long is the presentation?
-15 minutes. Points will be deducted for presentations exceeding time limit. Plan time for questions from your audience. Ill prepared groups will lose points. I expect that all members know when they are speaking, what they are saying, and how they will work the white board.
How am I graded?
-The wikispace keeps a history of what each student is adding to the page so your 30 point grade will be broken down this way: 10 points for information on page, 10 points for individual speech preparation, and 10 points for group coverage (covering all the material for the chapter).
10: Researched and cited content (list your websites and sources at the end of your page)
10: Delivery: Well prepared presenters who use topic sentences and transitions in their speeches to organize their material. I suggest using small note cards that can hide easily inside the palm of your hand.
10: Group Unity: The group created a well organized and thorough presentation. They respected the time limit. They anticipated questions and answered them. They reflected their preparation and planning making it clear that this was a group that knew what role everyone was playing.

Should I add visual supplements?
- Why of course! I expect to see pictures of the history figures these characters are representing. And of course, I want to see pictures of the objects, buildings, and propaganda that all relate to your particular chapter. No videos or music will work here at school and it's important that YOU double check that websites, especially pictures, you can see at home will work here in school. Technology will challenge you, but with preparation, you will always come out on top!