pig_brother.jpgANIMAL FARM PAPER

"No question now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which."
- George Orwell, Animal Farm, Ch. 10

To conclude our Animal Farm unit and recap on the historical value of this novel, you will craft a two page min/max paper that reacts to the information you acquired over the last two weeks regarding the significance of this 'book about farm animals'. This paper depends upon blending of quotes, gathered knowledge from our presentations, and your analysis.

Choosing a Topic: Avoid summary and keep in mind that simply drawing a parallel that was already discussed in class will not suffice. In fact, dot to dot parallels serve only as comprehension and application categories on Bloom's Taxonomy. Instead, draw comparisons that extend beyond just the character and what the character represents on the farm. Instead, show how the 'animal' represents a figure in history.

1. Look at crafting a paper around one specific line that parallels history. There are a LOT of really great quotes on our pages to choose from.
2. Look at three distinct character changes of a particular animal in the novel and link those changes up with three points in history. For example: Boxer, Moses, Napoleon would all make great comparisons because they have three very distinct changes worth mentioning.
3. Parallel one specific scene to true historical events and use your conclusion to suggest why Orwell chose to include this scene.

*If you are looking for more of a challenge here and have earned a B+ or higher on the last paper, try one of these ideas:
1. Compare how a line from earlier in the book is very ironic at the end of the book. (Still comparison paper but for this you will compare the meaning of the quote in the beginning to the end of the book and identifying what has changed that has made this quote take on a different meaning by the end.)
2. Many people see this story as a mirror of Stalin's rule over Russia. However, many others suggest that Orwell actually uses Napoleon to represent a number of facist, communist, or totalitarian leaders who were flexing their muscles at this time in history. (I've already seen mention of quite a few other leaders, especially in period B, so this would be a really interesting paper to write.)

*Remember, every paper in Mrs. Overly's class requires an outline complete with complete structural sentences and intentions for support. Your topic sentences must be written out with KEYWORDS that connect directly with the thesis. For a comparison paper, each topic sentence must include BOTH KEYWORDS and transitions.

Use this discussion page to post your thesis idea and speak to members of your group and class.

One Original Post: Includes your thesis and topic sentences written out clearly WITH keywords. I want you to list your support topics (one or two words will do) beneath the topic sentence. When you write your formal outline, you'll need all your quotes and research, but for now, I just want to see the order you plan to speak about each topic. Again, use the outline I attached above to guide you. DO NOT design your own outline structure. Use what I've give you.

Two Replies: Check to see if the author has keywords like I asked and offer some suggestions if you have any regarding information or quotes.

Feel free to share research and helpful websites. EVERY paper will need a bibliography and citations. You do NOT need to cite facts (when Russia was invaded). But if you are relying on information that is not 100% a fact, you do need to cite. For example, if your source states that Stalin killed someone but that is really just an asumption, you need to cite this because it's nothing more than a rumor. And rumors are only as good as their sources.