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TWO LEGS BADCHAPTER 3Summary:The pigs are starting to emerge as the "elite" class of animals although all animals are supposed to be equal. Orwell narrates, " the pigs did not actually work, but directed and supervised the others. With their superior knowledge it was natural that they should assume leadership"(45). This chapter also mentions Orwells ideal society of socialism in dealing with the animals rations. "Nobody stole, nobody grumbled over his rations, the quarreling and biting and jealousy which had been normal features of life in the old days had almost disappeared"(47).


Boxer - A horse that seems do most of the stenuous work on the farm since the rebellion started. Does the work of three horses, and is the admiration of everybody. He had also been a hard worker in Jones's time, and some days it seems like the entire work of the farm rests on his shoulders. Boxer wakes up early to do voulenteer work on the farm in the areas he feels most needed. His personal motto is "I will work harder!" The horses are also ruled in a way by the pigs, and are described as the most loyal animals on the farm. Boxer represents the working class. He is a dedicated worker, but is not very intelligent. The name Boxer may have been used by Orwell to represent the Boxer Rebellion in China, which was the beginning of communism.

Clover - Boxers female counterpart, they share the labor of harvasting the hay on the farm. She represents the unskilled labor class in Russian society. Has a low intelligence, and is easy persuaded to do whatever she is told.

Mollie - a horse who did not like the rebellion against the humans. Mollie liked her pink ribbons and her cubes of sugar Mr. Jones gave her. In chapter three she is known to not get up on time in the morning for work and she had a way of leaving work early because she had a stone in her hoof. Mollie represents the upper class in the Russian Revolution that did not want a revolution, but did not do anything to try to stop the revolution. The upper class did not like the "communist" idea. Instead the upper class wanted more than everybody else. Hundreds of thousands upper class fled all around the world to get away from the revolution. Most of the upper class found themselves in Western Europe where their culture was still evident.

Squealer - a pig known for his persuasive speaking ability. In chapter three he persuades all the farm animals that the milk and apples should only be eating by the pigs. If not eaten by the pigs then Mr. Jones would come back. Squealer can be compared to the media during the Russian Revolution. Stalin took over the national newspaper Pravda and called it Stalin. He used the newspaper to persuade the russian citizens to follow his views.

Representation of farming: The farming in chapter three represents the Trotsky's reforming of industry during the Russian Revolution.Soviet Union Flag Vs. Animal Farm Flag: The horn and the hoof on the animal farm flag resembles the hammer and the sickle on the soviet union flag. The Symbol is associated with the Communist Party.
635px-Animalism_flag.pnghow-to-draw-the-soviet-union-flag-tutorial-drawing.jpgAnimal Committees: The animal committees Snowball are efforts to help the rebellion against humans.(Egg Production Commitee, Clean Tails League, Wild Comrades Re-education Committee, Whiter Wool Movement). Snowballs committees were a failure. Leon Trotsky really wanted to improve the lives of Russians, but Stalin chased Trotsky away with his views. Most of Trotsky's ideas were faliures just like Snowballs.Quotes:
  • "I will work harder!"(47) Boxer, representing the working class, inspired all the animals to work extra hard and believe in the Animal Farm. This is parallel to the working class of Russia who were supporters of communism.

  • "The distinguishing mark of the man is the hand, the instrument with which he does all his mischeif"(51) After the simpler version of the first and second commandment was shared for the less intelligent animals on the farm ("Four legs good, two legs bad") the birds object since it seemed that they too had two legs. A wing is an organ of propulsion and not of manipulation, therefore it should be regarded as a leg. This quote serves as an explaination to the birds from Snowball.

  • "surely there is no one among you who wants to see Jones come back?"(52) Squealer persuades the farm animals that the pigs need the apples and milk for their brains. He threatens the animals by saying Jones will come back. the farm animals agree with him because they definitely do not want Jones back. This quote can be compared to propaganda Stalin uses to persuade russia. For example, Stalin's newspaper.