Welcome to Mrs. Overly's D Period Honors English

Concord High School

We only grow when we are challenged.

Course Description

This world literature course will examine a wide variety of works which will all serve the students’ better understanding of world politics, self identity, and the importance of a strong center in every situation.


Develop higher order thinking skills that will transfer into the college setting.
Improve writing through extensive practice and revision.
Integrate creative and imaginative activities into assessment for long lasting impact.

Major Units

Critical Reading and Writing
Terrorism and Technology
College Project
Africa’s Cyclical Dilemma
Existentialism vs Institutionalism
War and the Individual
The River of Life
Research Paper (requirement for graduation)

-Late deductions of 10 points per day on papers/project equal to or more than 100 points. Beyond 4 days late, no credit provided at all.
-No late work accepted on papers less than 100 points.
-Late to class paper submission will earn half credit.
-Students who are absent but fail to contact Mrs. Overly via email or phone message prior to class meeting will not be permitted extensions on any assignment and late points will deduct as usual. *Class trips, sporting events, college visits, illness, late to school, and court appearances all require communication with Mrs. Overly
-All papers must follow formatting rules and min/max boundaries in order to be accepted.

Required Materials
100 lined note cards (size and color are up to you)
1 ½ inch binder
Portfolio (provided in class)
Flash drive (or memory stick for USB ports)

60% Major and Minor Papers
40% Creative Projects, Wikispace Participation, and Group Presentations